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Do it with an innovative marketing mix that functions at peak performance and is primed for growth. We are the one-stop-shop for development, that delivers professional quality, high-action, customized systems to scale your business to the next level

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Digitally forward imaginative.

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What is a DozerDog?

The embodiment of a winner

A DozerDog is an individual or entity that possesses an indomitable will and tenacity. This unyielding determination enables them to conquer challenges and obstacles, dominating whatever field they venture into, much like a bulldozer clearing its path, combined with the relentless persistence of a dog who never gives up.

What do we do?

My 6 Step Blueprint For Helping Coaches Scale Their Online Businesses

  • Product & Offer Development

  • Acquisition Systems

  • Backend Optimization

  • Sales

  • Service Delivery

  • Team Building & Management

All Companies Under One Roof:

The DozerDog Collective

Empowering Small Businesses with Comprehensive Solutions

DozerDog Deals, Designs, Drafting, and Development are all distinct entities, yet they all share the common goal of fostering business growth. Our integrated approach allows us to provide comprehensive solutions that cater to every facet of a business. This not only simplifies the process for our clients but also ensures that all aspects of their business are being optimized for success. We are passionate about supporting the growth journey of small businesses, and we're proud to be a part of their success stories.


DozerDog Designs

Your one-stop-shop for innovative, video-centric, and effective marketing mixes.


DozerDog Drafting

Streamlining business growth through strategic hiring, management, and retention of A-players.


DozerDog Development

Crafting irresistible offers and comprehensive systems for ultimate business growth.


DozerDog Deals

Enhancing business growth through white-label sales, acquisition, training, and deal closure.

Hi, I'm Zack 👋

Top Dog on Get-er-Done Mountain 🏔️

Life is too short for playing it small. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and it’s my job to lead the pack for entrepreneurs everywhere. I’ve trained my keen senses on pro-active power moves to build brand and business; I will not rest until your platform is at peak performance.

I’m the visual learner and ADHD-friendly leading-edge video production professional that delivers the systems and strategy to fully support an experimental and expressive marketing mix that shows the world who you really are—because authenticity is everything.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

Hear what everyone is barking about below 👇

Donna B.

He started out pushing me to start recording videos.
That of course created the start of his position by editing the videos and creating a presence on YouTube and then growing into a full-blown social media strategy for the firm.

Rebecca G.

I know this centimeter of a deadline and all the developed-in-real-time assets were a lot to keep moving, Zack. I can't thank you enough. Thrilled to have you on my team.

Christopher M.

You exceeded my expectations in every way. The process was seamless and collaborative, and the final video is fire 🔥 Can't thank you enough!!

Seth M.

Gosh dang glad I hired you.

I wouldn’t be growing the channel with out ya 👊 Looks perfect.

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